Almaguin Highlands A Changed Look

bush trailThe leaves are on the ground and many of us are preparing our yards, gardens and installing winter snow tires for the anticipated cold and snow.  I don’t say cold and snow in a derogatory way because winter is fantastic throughout the Villages of Almaguin.  Lots of winter activities, sports and recreation of all kinds as well as Winter festivals all over the Almaguin Highlands.  Our area is truly a “Winter Wonderland” when the snow arrives.

November brings soft grey hills exposing the lakes, rockresin view no colour cliffs and marshes the have been hidden with summer’s foliage. This is also a time for exquisite sun rises and sunsets illuminating the hills with a coloured light show only nature can provide.


We have not had any snow and hopefully it will stay that way until after Halloween for the wee ones to get out Trick or Treating.  Walks outdoors are refreshing with the lovely forested hills and trails blanketed with leaves and animals quietly preparing for winter.  Many of the lakes in the area now are visible from the roads with no foliage to shroud it’s view.  A great time to visit and drive around the area, visit the quaint shops, walk the marked trails and it still isn’t to cold for an adventurous bike ride.

Most of the area municipalities allow ATV’s on back roads trails but atvaccess is clearly marked so please respect the areas not designated for that use and stay out.  Some trails are only used for snow machines giving the wild life a natural use of these areas during the other seasons.  The Almaguin Highlands is also a destination for hunters whether it be bow or rifle there is an abundance of crown land and privately owned properties that have hunters

in the bush during the Bear, Moose and Deer seasons.  Hunting for small game is also done until well after the snow flies.  Be careful and dress appropriately in
dogs reflec bright colors if you are walking in any bush and remember to make your pets visible too.

This weekend marks the end of many seasonal properties being available on the market.  They have been winterized and the roads are not maintained for winter making the accessibility difficult.  The Sellers will again list in the spring so they are free to travel  and be Snow Birds as many spend the winter months in a warm climate.  The availability of these types of listings will be few and far between and our market sales will switch to mostly vacant land, commercial and residential sales.  This has certainly been a Sellers market this year in the Almaguin Highlands and I myself am looking 417 1forward to a more pro-active rather than re-active business in the coming months.  The cottage on the last post is sold but I still ave many interesting listings so visit my website.


New Puppy 5 weeks oldOn a personal note any ideas on a name for my new puppy?  My one granddaughter came up with Ellie and Lexi so I think Ellexi could be a contender.  My dog names have been  my alcoholic beverage of choice but those names have been used such as Corona and Cognac ( I guess my variety of alcohol is some what limited) although Bordeau, Seasalt and Lime have been recommended LOL.  The picture I have here, is of Corona watching TV…she has
corona watch TV never done that before but Mom and I were watching a documentary on the Arctic with wolves, Arctic foxes and polar bears.   Corona was attentive for the entire hour watching them move on the screen and when they walked off the screen she checked behind the TV to make sure they were not coming into our living room.  She was more entertaining than the program!


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Shorter Days in Almaguin

The length of time our sun is out is getting shorter and the morning frosts have been more severe but Fall is still my favourite time of year.  The darkness coming earlier makes evenings long and enjoyable in front of the fireplace…a bit more time for conversation, TV programs, reading books or just quietly brushing out my dog.  As our busy season transitions into schedule appointments, instead of last minute urgent showings, my days  are much less stressful and allows me to spend more time with each of my clients.

417 1

As I stated in my last blog I was about to list a cottage on Lake Cecebe.  It is on the MLS now and my  web site   to have a look at the great value this property has to offer.  Listed at $379,900

Two weeks has past since my sweet dog Caz past away and Corona and I miss her every day.  I have decided to get another Bouvier puppy and have picked one that will be coming home with us on November 16th.  She is all black and cute as a button but she will grow into a big corona Sept 2017strong Bouvier like Corona.  I had a difficult time finding a breeder that leaves the ears natural instead of cropping.  I think Europe may be right not allowing the natural dog be altered…it is considered cruel which I believe is very true.  Just my opinion and I still have the tail docked  as most breeders have them done before they are 4 days old so I have never had the option of being able to make that decision. Removing the tails on puppies is also not so traumatic ( elastic bands on the tail just a few hours after birth to restrict blood flow so the end of tails fall off) however surgery on the ears is done when the puppies are stronger and weigh enough to be safe with the surgery so it is much more painful.

Enough on Dog stories, on to technology.  At the office today we all had a very challenging morning.  My email was hacked and sent out a virus email to all my clients, colleagues, friends and family.  What a stressful task to contact as many as we could via

Michelle office

Great job today Michelle…You Rock!


phone and text to warn them not to open that email sent that appeared to be business.  Thanks to Michelle my admin who quickly contacted most of the targeted people and I corrected the issue to stop anything further from being sent.  Then this afternoon my clients came in to sign an offer and my one computer would not connect to the printer.  I depend so heavily on technology that when it doesn’t work it practically sends me into a panic.  With everything resolved this evening I certainly hope for a quiet, boring day tomorrow.





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Yes! More Colour For Thanksgiving

good colour hill

Photo from between Katrine and Burk’s Falls

Nature did not let us down for the family Holiday Weekend..  Glorious fall weather, the remaining leaves in the hills turning colour and a good travel weekend for family and friends.  Not all of our family and friends were able to gather together as we are spread across Canada this Thanksgiving.  Very important members however were able to visit

Nan talking to Piper

Nana and Piper having a great conversation!

such as our little Piper in Nana’s arms (five generations).  Some times we forget how much seeing a little one means to the elderly with time so short and busy life schedules.  Mom immigrating to Canada 66 years ago did not celebrate Thanksgiving as this is not a tradition in France.  She is now happy to celebrate any occasion for the family to get together and said she is so grateful for her family including her. Lots of hugs were had by all!

Caz Feb26 2017I had a difficult, sad time this past week because my sweet dog Caz died.  A great friend and companion I truly miss her.  My other dog Corona misses her as well, looking and waiting for her to come home.  I am however, very grateful that I was able to make her years with me happy and full of love as the first years of her life were hard (she was a rescue).  I will miss her on our bush hikes as we looked at property to be listed, running in the lake on the hot summer days, plowing through the snow on the trails in the winter or just relaxing in front of the fire after an active day of real estate.

There is an interesting property soon to be a new listing of mine.  It is a newer build on the Lake Cecebe 40 mile waterway with upscale finishes and a garage with additional living quarters.   The waterfront is environmentally protected however with a boardwalk and dock, good use of the water’s edge is possible for swimming, boating and fishing.  I should have more information for the next blog post.  For more information before then please contact me at: or call (705) 788-4171 and I would be happy to speak with you this or any listings you may be interested in.  Happy Thanksgiving 


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Almaguin Autumn Colours

What a disappointment in this year’s Fall colours.  The hot temperatures the last 2 weeks have dried and curled the coloured foliage leaving the hills, that usually give us the spectacular show this time of year,  rusty in colour.  No brilliant red, yellow and Gerryorange but there is still hope that the trees that are later turning will indeed pick up the slack of the early birds that have their leaves now on the ground.  Just goes to show we humans are never satisfied or appreciative enough for the beauty nature bestows on us.

That hot weather certainly kept the real estate market hot for cottages and vacant land as buyers make the most of viewing properties before the weather turns inclement.  Looking at vacant land in the area?  Please remember to dress in bright cdogs reflecolours with hunting of bear, deer and moose seasons coming soon.  Bear hunting is already open in Almaguin and although rifle hunting is limited time frame on all large animals, bow hunting extends further so people and pets walking in the forests must use caution and dress to be seen.

I would expect the real estate market will stay robust until Thanksgiving, at least for cottage and land sales.  The home sales in the area have been active as well with new people moving into the area and many local people downsizing and staying in the Almaguin Highlands.  High water has receded with the ran staying at bay and people are on the water taking advantage of the great fishing.  Hikers too are

marley and Nana

My Mom outside with a wee dog.

enjoying the creeks down to a normal level making it safer to cross streams.  Many of the Cottagers in the area are making arrangements to close up and winterize, as it nears Thanksgiving, drawing their cottage days to a close for another season.  The local residence take advantage of the next few weeks to spend more time outdoors without bugs or having to bundle up to keep out the cold.

At the office we have the entire back of the building excavated  making way for new parking and decks along the second storey of the building.  Burk’s Falls is a lovely community however it is difficult to get level parking.  That makes it very difficult for the elderly, families with young children and anyone having physical challenges.  I want to be a good business citizen and do my part for making our community accessible for all.

burks fallsThe Village of Burks Falls is having a PUBLIC CONSULTATION FOR ONTARIO STREET REHABILITATION; INFRASTRUCTURE IMPROVEMENT PLAN MEETING  October 5th, 2017 4-8 pm at the Young at Heart Seniors Centre.  In our Community?  Drop in to see what is planned for out business section improvements.

I will post again on Thanksgiving which is just a little over a week away and maybe have pictures of more Fall Colours by then.  Please contact me is you are interested in viewing any property in my area througout “The Villages of Almaguin “.  For up to date listings be sure to visit   Louisa’s Web Site



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Autumn Coming Sunny and Warm

The past week has been sunny and warm with no rain which makes the best weather of the summer in the last few days so enjoyable.  The Leaves on some trees have turned early and already fallen to the ground but there is still lots of colour to come in the next bit of colourfew days.  The older citizens don’t have the ability to get out as much to appreciate the colour on a country drive so remember someone you may be close to and take them out to share these wonderful vistas the nature produces in the Almaguin Highlands.

My Mom and I were going to take a drive today but she had a fall on Friday night (she’s home now but bruised with cracked ribs) our Sunday drive will have to wait until next week and hopefully she will be up to it by then.  Elders fall in the blink of eye and it is difficult to find that perfect balance between  too much assistance and giving them self worth and independence without the risk of them being harmed.  Even with a careful watchful eye I wasn’t able to completely protect her from this fall which thank goodness it did not have more serious consequences thanks to of the alterations that were completed to provide more safety when she is alone in the bathroom.

Mom FallTaking care of an elderly parent or loved one is draining for the care giver and constantly on their minds.   The main reason I obtained my designation of “Seniors Real Estate Specialist”is to give me a better understanding of the elderly and the their family concerns. I may now better assist with real estate needs for those either caring for elders or older clients requiring to move into a home better suited for them, as their abilities decline with age.  A properly equipped home is crucial in keeping our older people comfortable, safe and able to stay independent in their own homes as long as their health allows it.

Things that you should look for in a home are grab bars discretely secured where necessary in washrooms, laundry and dressing rooms, cloak rooms or foyers.  The last thing an older person requiring them are all safety bars looking institutional as a constant reminder of the grab barsinabilities instead of them giving more mobility and freedom.  Bars and railings should fit the decor of the home where possible.  Doors should also be the lever type, easy to use to open and shut doors.  In bathrooms level entry into the shower is important and being large enough for built in seat or accommodating a wheelchair.  There are many after market products available also to retro fit an existing bathroom giving seniors more privacy and respect and also minimizing the chance of a fall.  The home entry is also important with minimum stairs and landscaping to accommodate a possible ramp to the entrance.

On an outing this week Mom and I went to the Bakery at the Bridge, now under new ownership and really enjoyed their lunch special.

Well everyone is outside enjoying this weather or working today…here are some photos of the crew outside my door.

To end this blog have a relaxing aerial view of our home on the Magnetawan River

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Good Day for Book & Chair

Labour Day Monday and all of Almaguin is under a Storm advisory and here in Burk’s Falls the Fall Fair is a bit soggy but lots on indoor exhibits, artisans and music to entertain everyone.  I have been living in the Almaguin Highlands for the past 34 years and never have I experienced this much rain throughout the spring and summer seasons.  My hope is for a glorious, dryer Fall so people can take advantage of the brilliant colour in the hills and have some cottage time before the cold weather sets in. Visitors at our area provincial parks would also appreciate less rain and a bit more sunshine.

me readingI am having a quiet day with my Mom and settling in a comfortable chair with a good book, cup of tea and a snuggle blanket.  Even my dogs are napping and having a well deserved lazy day.  I am certainly grateful for this day with no work to do….well nothing that can not wait until tomorrow anyway.  Many buyer clients were up this past weekend which made busy work days for me and most of the REALTORS® in the area.  Today however, Labour Day,  should be a day off for most and I am using mine for some R&R.

We are seeing a trend of more people buying waterfront cottages as a compound for extended family or buying a cottage with the intent of building something more substantial for future retirement.


Creek in Back yard

The clean, pollution free air, slower pace of life  and more economical cost of living, make our area ideal for couples planning early retirement.  Life here allows it’s residents discover all our area has to offer through out the many Villages of Almaguin. Our area is also known as a great place for families and raising children in a wonderful outdoor environment with area nature trails for walking, exploring, biking close to your back yard.


trail to creek

Trail in back yard of a Sundridge Listing

Tomorrow back to a regular workday with appointments for showings, listings and giving property evaluations.  Consider selling in this active market and contact me today to find the right buyer for your property.  If you are a buyer visit my website to view the current area listings – updated daily.  My website





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Early Colour in the Hills of Almaguin

Well finally we have had 4 days in a row without rain and the days have been pleasantly warm.    The rolling hills in Burk’s Falls are starting to show a bit of colour and some of tree colourthe trees on Ontario Street already have lots of orange.  This may be early especially for those hoping to visit close to Thanksgiving to see the spectacular display throughout the Villages of Almaguin.

Many are waiting for children to return to school and looking for the school bus schedules, school calendars and everything else we misplace over the summer months.  Thank goodness for online information!  The new renovations at Land of Lakes public bridge repairschool are nearing completion …with no time to spare and the construction on the bridge in town is also proceeding and will hopefully be completed well ahead of winter weather.

Until then the one lane over the bridge causes some delay….LOL Really! look at that traffic line up, only one car.

Be sure to visit the Burk’s Falls Fair this weekend with agricultural eventsfair climbing wall such as the horse pull, displays of farm animals and prize winning entries of flowers, vegetables and baking to have a look at. Hopefully the climbing wall returns for the young and young at heart making this a good old fashion fair that young and old enjoy.


Website: Burk’s Falls Fair


Heavy Horse Show and Heavy Horse Pull, English and Western Horse Show, Poultry, and Rabbit Exhibits, Displays, Crafts Baking Vegetable Exhibits, Vendors, Concessions, Chain-Saw Wood Carving, Entertainment, Children’s Games Area. Midway Rides (Sponsored by the 3 local Townships). Lots to Do & See for the Family. Come celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday with us.


Many buyers have taken the opportunity to schedule viewings on properties this the last long weekend of the summer.  A few great purchases are still to be had so give me a call, email or text to book your showing today.  A new listing in Sundridge this week a lovely home on an a private acre of land with a stream and walking distance to amenities and beautiful Lake Bernard.

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