Lots of Changes in Burk’s Falls


Our office has signage!  my new firm is:

REALTY EXECUTIVES Local Almaguin Highlands Inc., Brokerage.  My goal is to serve all the Villages of Almaguin with buying or selling their unique real estate in this beautiful me and dogs for signaturearea.  As a Broker of Record I hope to enlarge our team of two, Jim phot backgroundmyself Louisa Moffit and Sales Representative Jim Creasor invite other agents to join our team to give our clients in the Almaguin Highlands the specialized service they deserve.  Contact me, if as an agent, you are ready to make a move and I will give you the details of how this brokerage may be a good fit for you.

The weather has been a very HOT topic throughout Ontario with the heat

boat paddle

drying out the vegetation and a Fire Ban for our area is in effect.  Those here for holidays or camping I am sure are making the lakes and rivers their go to places for heat relief and the residents are doing Pet-plan-car-infographicthe same.  Driving please look out for wildlife as they come near the roads as the evenings cool down.  Never leave your dogs or children in a vehicle even for a few minutes, it can be life threatening very quickly.

The street construction in Burk’s Falls causes a bit of delay getting from one end of the village to the other but be patient for the flaggers are out in that heat all day and deserveRoad construction safety clipart to be respected.  Wait your turn, don’t stress and enjoy your air-conditioned vehicle for 1 or 2 minutes while the necessary construction is being done.  Those of you in vehicles with no air be grateful you are only waiting a few minutes and not spending the entire day in the heat waving other motorists safely through the construction.

All businesses in the Village of Burk’s Falls are inconvenienced however access to the businesses is always available.  Who knows maybe slowing down traffic may make people take notice of businesses, they never took the time to see, as they drove right by.  That in mind, decorate your store fronts and get ready to be part of face lift the Village is receiving.  There will always be complaints but when given lemons make cool lemonade! Your positive attitude will be refreshing and contagious.

Cooler temperatures are in the forecast and also on the bright side not many black flies are around ( although I think our mosquitoes are still plentiful).  Until my next post remember Be Kind, it doesn’t cost anything and can usually cool down most heated situations.



About Louisa Moffit

I have been a REALTOR® for the past 22 years and love the area and communities I work in. When showing property or taking listings I always travel with my four legged companions. My clients and I enjoy their company when walking through the forest viewing pristine vacant property which they are interested in purchasing. My dog’s antics through the snow is also a source of amusement to everyone. Getting serious however… viewing properties throughout the area can be a daunting task without the expertise of a real estate agent who knows the area well. That is why I am your “Go To” REALTOR® for Undiscovered Cottage Country – The Almaguin Highlands
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