Almaguin Highlands A Changed Look

bush trailThe leaves are on the ground and many of us are preparing our yards, gardens and installing winter snow tires for the anticipated cold and snow.  I don’t say cold and snow in a derogatory way because winter is fantastic throughout the Villages of Almaguin.  Lots of winter activities, sports and recreation of all kinds as well as Winter festivals all over the Almaguin Highlands.  Our area is truly a “Winter Wonderland” when the snow arrives.

November brings soft grey hills exposing the lakes, rockresin view no colour cliffs and marshes the have been hidden with summer’s foliage. This is also a time for exquisite sun rises and sunsets illuminating the hills with a coloured light show only nature can provide.


We have not had any snow and hopefully it will stay that way until after Halloween for the wee ones to get out Trick or Treating.  Walks outdoors are refreshing with the lovely forested hills and trails blanketed with leaves and animals quietly preparing for winter.  Many of the lakes in the area now are visible from the roads with no foliage to shroud it’s view.  A great time to visit and drive around the area, visit the quaint shops, walk the marked trails and it still isn’t to cold for an adventurous bike ride.

Most of the area municipalities allow ATV’s on back roads trails but atvaccess is clearly marked so please respect the areas not designated for that use and stay out.  Some trails are only used for snow machines giving the wild life a natural use of these areas during the other seasons.  The Almaguin Highlands is also a destination for hunters whether it be bow or rifle there is an abundance of crown land and privately owned properties that have hunters

in the bush during the Bear, Moose and Deer seasons.  Hunting for small game is also done until well after the snow flies.  Be careful and dress appropriately in
dogs reflec bright colors if you are walking in any bush and remember to make your pets visible too.

This weekend marks the end of many seasonal properties being available on the market.  They have been winterized and the roads are not maintained for winter making the accessibility difficult.  The Sellers will again list in the spring so they are free to travel  and be Snow Birds as many spend the winter months in a warm climate.  The availability of these types of listings will be few and far between and our market sales will switch to mostly vacant land, commercial and residential sales.  This has certainly been a Sellers market this year in the Almaguin Highlands and I myself am looking 417 1forward to a more pro-active rather than re-active business in the coming months.  The cottage on the last post is sold but I still ave many interesting listings so visit my website.


New Puppy 5 weeks oldOn a personal note any ideas on a name for my new puppy?  My one granddaughter came up with Ellie and Lexi so I think Ellexi could be a contender.  My dog names have been  my alcoholic beverage of choice but those names have been used such as Corona and Cognac ( I guess my variety of alcohol is some what limited) although Bordeau, Seasalt and Lime have been recommended LOL.  The picture I have here, is of Corona watching TV…she has
corona watch TV never done that before but Mom and I were watching a documentary on the Arctic with wolves, Arctic foxes and polar bears.   Corona was attentive for the entire hour watching them move on the screen and when they walked off the screen she checked behind the TV to make sure they were not coming into our living room.  She was more entertaining than the program!


About Louisa Moffit

I have been a REALTOR® for the past 21 years and love the area and communities I work in. When showing property or taking listings I always travel with my four legged companions. My clients and I enjoy their company when walking through the forest viewing pristine vacant property which they are interested in purchasing. My dog’s antics through the snow is also a source of amusement to everyone. Getting serious however… viewing properties throughout the area can be a daunting task without the expertise of a real estate agent who knows the area well. That is why I am your “Go To” REALTOR® for Undiscovered Cottage Country – The Almaguin Highlands
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