Autumn Coming Sunny and Warm

The past week has been sunny and warm with no rain which makes the best weather of the summer in the last few days so enjoyable.  The Leaves on some trees have turned early and already fallen to the ground but there is still lots of colour to come in the next bit of colourfew days.  The older citizens don’t have the ability to get out as much to appreciate the colour on a country drive so remember someone you may be close to and take them out to share these wonderful vistas the nature produces in the Almaguin Highlands.

My Mom and I were going to take a drive today but she had a fall on Friday night (she’s home now but bruised with cracked ribs) our Sunday drive will have to wait until next week and hopefully she will be up to it by then.  Elders fall in the blink of eye and it is difficult to find that perfect balance between  too much assistance and giving them self worth and independence without the risk of them being harmed.  Even with a careful watchful eye I wasn’t able to completely protect her from this fall which thank goodness it did not have more serious consequences thanks to of the alterations that were completed to provide more safety when she is alone in the bathroom.

Mom FallTaking care of an elderly parent or loved one is draining for the care giver and constantly on their minds.   The main reason I obtained my designation of “Seniors Real Estate Specialist”is to give me a better understanding of the elderly and the their family concerns. I may now better assist with real estate needs for those either caring for elders or older clients requiring to move into a home better suited for them, as their abilities decline with age.  A properly equipped home is crucial in keeping our older people comfortable, safe and able to stay independent in their own homes as long as their health allows it.

Things that you should look for in a home are grab bars discretely secured where necessary in washrooms, laundry and dressing rooms, cloak rooms or foyers.  The last thing an older person requiring them are all safety bars looking institutional as a constant reminder of the grab barsinabilities instead of them giving more mobility and freedom.  Bars and railings should fit the decor of the home where possible.  Doors should also be the lever type, easy to use to open and shut doors.  In bathrooms level entry into the shower is important and being large enough for built in seat or accommodating a wheelchair.  There are many after market products available also to retro fit an existing bathroom giving seniors more privacy and respect and also minimizing the chance of a fall.  The home entry is also important with minimum stairs and landscaping to accommodate a possible ramp to the entrance.

On an outing this week Mom and I went to the Bakery at the Bridge, now under new ownership and really enjoyed their lunch special.

Well everyone is outside enjoying this weather or working today…here are some photos of the crew outside my door.

To end this blog have a relaxing aerial view of our home on the Magnetawan River

About Louisa Moffit

I have been a REALTOR® for the past 21 years and love the area and communities I work in. When showing property or taking listings I always travel with my four legged companions. My clients and I enjoy their company when walking through the forest viewing pristine vacant property which they are interested in purchasing. My dog’s antics through the snow is also a source of amusement to everyone. Getting serious however… viewing properties throughout the area can be a daunting task without the expertise of a real estate agent who knows the area well. That is why I am your “Go To” REALTOR® for Undiscovered Cottage Country – The Almaguin Highlands
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