Spring is here! Just arriving a little slowly April 2/15

Spring snow hillSnow covered hills, barren trees yes it is the first of April but here in the Almaguin Highlands things happen a bit more slowly to appreciate every moment.  Our winter has drawn to a close but as of tod????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????ay April 3 (Easter Weekend) there is still a foot of snow.

The warm rain of today and the sunshine of the past 2 days does reminds us spring is definitely around the corner.  Soon the green haze of the budding trees will appear and the clear view of lakes from the roads disappears to the beauty of the forests.  This time in the spring great waterfalls can be seen as they form on the rock faces from the melting snow.  Even with some muddy back roads the view is breathtaking as nature transforms the land all around us.

In traveling the back roads be sure to always have a camera handy as all the wildlife starts to forage close to the roads.  Also drive slow and be more diligent looking out for deer, geese, turkeys, bears to avoid collision with your vehicle…they easily blend into the background with there colouring.

If you are coming to view cottages be prepared and wear boots and appropriate clothing022.  Many seasonal roads will not be opened for another month so walking into the property is a requirement.  I will be available most of this weekend should you consider a scenic drive and wish to view property in our gorgeous “Undiscovered Cottage Country”

About Louisa Moffit

I have been a REALTOR® for the past 21 years and love the area and communities I work in. When showing property or taking listings I always travel with my four legged companions. My clients and I enjoy their company when walking through the forest viewing pristine vacant property which they are interested in purchasing. My dog’s antics through the snow is also a source of amusement to everyone. Getting serious however… viewing properties throughout the area can be a daunting task without the expertise of a real estate agent who knows the area well. That is why I am your “Go To” REALTOR® for Undiscovered Cottage Country – The Almaguin Highlands
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