Nature Versus Technology Mar 5/14

Many of you know some of my background but most do not know I spent a great deal of my working years teaching the very young as a Day Care Supervisor.  Now as a Realtor® I get a first hand view on how family dynamics have changed with the electronic devices becoming the play of choice for children.  Here in the Almaguin Highlands I feel grounded and entwined with nature.  Everyday surrounded at work, at home and in my recreation activities nature is an integral part of my life.  Families buying a cottage in our area are not buying sticks, mortar and modern day conveniences… they are buying the experience.  Please watch the video link attached, as a mother of five and a grand mother of fifteen I hope that all my family has the opportunity to cherish nature for many years to come. nunumchuckBen on Ice

About Louisa Moffit

I have been a REALTOR® for the past 21 years and love the area and communities I work in. When showing property or taking listings I always travel with my four legged companions. My clients and I enjoy their company when walking through the forest viewing pristine vacant property which they are interested in purchasing. My dog’s antics through the snow is also a source of amusement to everyone. Getting serious however… viewing properties throughout the area can be a daunting task without the expertise of a real estate agent who knows the area well. That is why I am your “Go To” REALTOR® for Undiscovered Cottage Country – The Almaguin Highlands
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