April Fools in the Villages of Almaguin

Throughout the Almaguin Highlands the snow was dissipating, half loads for roads are imposed, and the spring celebrations are being held in most communities.  Still large snowbanks are present on north facing slopes and at the end of seasonal roads so no access for vehicles yet for cottages accessed by these roads.  Lovely to drive country roads and watch the change of the countryside as it soon comes alive….. Be slow and diligent  (to take in the beauty) because the frost heaves are everywhere and change locations daily so they may not have caution signs put up by the municipality.


Year Round Access

dining view

From Dining Window

View from deck

Natural Clean shoreline

Temperatures have not been great for the production of Maple Syrup because of the sap buckets ex edgecolder days throughout March but last week the temperatures rose above freezing for the day time making the sap flow well.  Be sure to explore some of these operations open to the public throughout the area.  Maple Syrup Festivities


Well a week into April and Burk’s Falls has been hit with 2 severe winter storms so we are back to snow everywhere much to the delight of snowmobilers.  Riding a sled please be careful as the ditches are full of water and there is no ice that is safe.  For those of you that have been wondering if the snow has dissipated to view vacant land this week end in our area….bring your snowshoes!  The photos below were taken this morning April 7th.

I guess bringing out the lawn furniture was a little premature!  Hopefully the next blog in 2 weeks I can show some budding trees.  Visit my website most of the photos of listings are nice summer ones.

Puppy update:  She is getting big but at six months old Lambig (pronounced lambeeg) still needs the security of lying close or on her big sister  Corona at nap time 🙂

napping dogs April 2018

Corona and Lambig have a nap after playing in the snow.





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March Weather Early

Well it seems like March weather (in like a lion) with freezing rain high blustery winds and overcast skies came a week early.  Traveling has been a bit precarious the past week throughout Capturethe back roads of Almaguin with four days of school bus cancellations because of weather conditions.  Events such as the Dog Sled races – cancelled, Drag at the Mag – cancelled….  BUT the Villages of Almaguin do not give up!  The Katrine Winter Carnival is still on for March 2nd and with both inside and outside activities Mother Nature will not dampen the fun for visitors and locals attending.

This week a few Buyers have still braved the icy roads to come a view properties.  Our


Waterfront home/cottage $469,00

listing inventory is very low so buyers must understand if they wish to purchase in the area they have to come with the best terms in hand to make it happen.  Buyers need to make sure they are pre-approved and have their  down payment in place.  They also need to work with a local Realtor® to get current information on the properties and heads up on those that may be coming on the market soon.  My promise to you is that I am “Your Go To REALTOR® for the Almaguin Highlands” and I will do my best to help you get that important property, whether it is a home, recreational cottage/land or investment.  Visit My Website and have a look at what listings I am featuring.IMG_20160130_124225The icy weather does give the landscape a whimsical look.  My grandson Christopher, on the outskirts of Burk’s Falls, posed for a shot just in front of some pretty impressive ice formations.IMG_20160130_124256  Some of these have melted in the last few days but there are still many on the rock cliffs throughout the region.  My daughter Christine loves running…in any weather.  On one of her visits to the Almaguin Highlands  she braved extremely cold temperatures and icy road conditions but came prepared.  I don’t run but certainly admire her tenacity!

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Family Day in Almaguin

What a lovely weekend for the visitors and families in the Almaguin Highlands.  Showing

a lovely cottage on Bear Lake yesterday to my clients, the Sellers families where there enjoying the clean white snow and their children with rosy cheeks and big smiles.


Children are always the best showing us that spending time together is what it is all about.  The quiet serenity of a walk in the woods or on snow covered country roads gives everyone a sense of appreciation for this beautiful area.  Please remember that we are honoured with the job of being the caretakers of our little piece of earth so stay on the trails and don’t tresspass.

Driving back from Bear Lake I could see  the Sequin trail was buzzing with snow machines, as they too take advantage of being outdoors on this great wintry day.  This winter has be one of many surprises with extreme temperature changes…  all the snow in January was rained away and then we were back to a deep freeze the beginning of February.  IMG_1095There isn’t the usual amount of snow we are accustom to but still lots for winter sports.  The Winter Fest activities are also going strong through the Villages of Almaguin…certainly worth a day trip to our area.



My pup is enjoying the winter…she loves the snow and being outside.  She sure is getting big!  At five months she still get worn out after a big romp outdoors. Lambig is now half the size of Corona and I can’t Nov 5believe just 3 months ago she was so tiny.



Many properties have been viewed this past month…here are a few of my properties that have been sold this winter.

Real Estate is still very active with properties of every type selling quickly.   I also have back of homejust listed a few properties, some waterfront cottages and homes, a farm and vacant land, so be sure to visit my website  to have a look and see if there is something of interest.



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A New Year and New Home

Real Estate is still hopping with buyers braving the snow, ice and bitter cold to view properties.  I have heard it said that people don’t move in the winter months or no one buys a cottage in the middle of winter….both of these statements are far from accurate.  I knowView first hand that many people move in the winter and there are some benefits.  a week ago my Mom and I moved, it was bitter cold and then snowing but the snow brushes off in the cold and all of the things getting moved stay dry.  Not so, in a rainy day summer move!  boots tramped at the door and the floors stay nice and clean with no dirt sticking and rubbing off on carpets.  Not so, in a muddy mess springtime move!  A fall move …. well ok …. maybe that is the optimum season with less rain, no mud and plants easily moved with no frigid air but I still have moved in the winter most of the time.

I still have things I can not find and a few boxes to unpack but for the most part most of the stress of the move is over.  My daughter and her family of six are moving too, yes another winter move, so her stress is off the charts.  My Mom is finding our new location a challenge because it is a the second story apartment above my place of business but I am doing my best to make her as comfortable as possible.  Having Alzheimer Disease change is very hard for her.  I know as a Realtor® this recent move will certainly make me greatly empathize with my clients knowing what stress they feel.

January thaw happened and we are now back to the cold.  Unfortunately all the rain destroyed any snowmobile trails that had a base and the ski hills took a beating as well.  Old Man Winter will definitely take care of those issues in no time so we can get back to enjoying sunny crisp days outdoors.


 My next post will be more informative…..this one was just to let everyone know now with the moving complete, I can get back to a normal business and life routine Phew!!!  

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Almaguin Lights Up

Throughout the Villages of Almaguin many Christmas events and business promotions are beginning as December approaches.  The Christmas Tree lighting in Burk’s Falls is heldTree Lighting Poster on Friday December 1st  and the Santa Parade on Saturday  December 2nd both at 6:00 pm.  A great opportunity to sing some carols and gather together with others in our community.  Our area is comprised of people that I believe have a generous and giving nature all year (there are always those few people who have a negative opinion on everything) but this holiday season whether you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist  or other belief or non belief this is a time of acceptance, celebration of life and peace.

My family is preparing for a move mid January and I am moving too with my Mom back to my apartment.  It is so difficult moving an aged parent MOMwith special needs.  So many construction details must be reviewed to make sure Mom will be safe and happy in the new premise.  Bathrooms, flooring, door size openings, alarms on doors, bed monitors etc. have to be used when you are caring for a loved one with Alzheimer disease.  There is very little monetary support to keep a loved one in familiar surroundings and I feel the push is to have them put into a nursing home where I feel they lose their identity completely.  My visits to different facilities has made me feel that there are not enough caregivers for the needs of the residents much same as nursing care in our hospitals.  Being in a rural setting Mom would be placed anywhere they have room and the present waiting list for the closest one is 2 years, at which placement is not guaranteed.  Love my Mom to bits and I will keep her with me until she needs more care than I can give.

The up side to the move is that it will be the apartment is above my place of

Deck Nov 29 17work so I am just steps away should I be needed.  A shout out to Caring Heart’s providing care during the day when I am at work….Mom’s care giver is such a dedicated, professional and caring person.  She is more than competent and completely trustworthy providing amazing care for my Mom.  The deck is being built at our new apartment as I write this blog and my son-in law and grandson are completing the renos to the apartment to accommodate our scheduled move in date between Christmas and the New Year.  I am so very grateful to have all of these people in my life turning a stressful situation into a workable solution.  It is quite the family affair!!




With my personal life falling into place in a positive way, I can concentrate on more Real Estate work.  I have taken on a few more new Buyers looking for homes, land and cottages in the area.  Our inventory is very low but those listings that are still available

are getting quite a few showings and many buyers are asking for further information packages on these listings as well.  All this activity should help sell these properties throughout the winter months.  That motto…. “No rain, sleet or snow” can keep a Realtor from there duties certainly applies to the agents in our northern climate…but maybe the icy roads, snow storms and  bitter cold temperatures would be worth a reschedule now and then.  For the most part our area is the epitome of a Scenic Winter Wonderland to be enjoyed by residents and visitors alike.

Puppy update:  Doubled in size from 8 lbs to 20 lbs in three weeks and her next vet appointment is scheduled for her shot.  Corona and Lambig are inseparable and play constantly…my main stress reliever  is watching their antics.IMG_20171123_100238



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Puppy Real Estate Training

Well I picked up a new Bouvier pup on November the 5th.  She is now 8 weeks old and Corona is a wonderful big sister to her.  Training a dog (not that there is much training except of the owner at this age) is so much less stressful with an adult dog to teach them the routine and what is acceptable and not.  Her name is Lambig pronounced in English “lumbeeg”  wikipedia on Lambig

I chose that particular name because of the endearing memory I have of my grandfather giving my husband a bottle of it to return home to Canada on our first trip to see my family in France.  Although not my drink of choice Jim cherished the gift and still had


Knight Brothers Factory circa 1896

that bottle long after the death of my grandfather. We finished the last of it to celebrate our move to the Burk’s Falls Knight Brother’s factory building in 1996 twenty years after Jim had received it.  It makes me smile and think of them both, every time I say her name.Lumbig has had her introduction to office life this past week.  She has gone a few IMG_20171113_134547showings, assisted GREATLY when I had to put up my signs and is learning that we do not pee on clients lawns.  The burst of energy is always followed by a very long puppy nap.  My clients have certainly have enjoyed her puppy antics.  The snow covers the ground today and both dogs love the outdoors.  More difficult to find the property boundaries when showing property however.

resin view no colour

Many Clients have taken this opportunity to view vacant land as the terrain can be assessed without all the foliage camouflaging the lay of the land.   Not many listings available in this are so if you are a seller give me a call and I can promote and perhaps bring you a successful offer before snowshoes are required for showings.  I sold eight vacant properties last winter and I would think most properties listed through this winter season will be sold as well.  I do have a lovely building lot almost 3 acres in size on Sterling Creek Road very affordably priced at $35,000.  I will be taking pictures of that property later today with the arrival of the snow. Sterling Creek Road


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Almaguin Remembers

poppyToday is Remembrance Day and throughout the Villages of Almaguin services are being held for those lost and those still serving to keep Canada safe.  As Canadians we are very well respected by other countries not only as allies in the time of war but for our ed and katrina remberancediplomacy in times of peace.  As time passes the “great wars”  are not as remembered buy the young and it is our obligation and duty to educate our children and grand children about the sacrifices made by everyone.  The soldiers who fought, the people displaced because of war all have suffered and the endless political rhetoric that continues seems to keep forming and fueling today’s atrocities all over the world.  It rests with edward cadetall of us in society to change and help our children understand conflict resolution, managing to accomplish it without injury and destruction to property, land  and life.  We need to be diligent in keeping the minds of our youth open, accepting, kind and teach them the negotiating tools to deal with tomorrows conflicts better than we ourselves have done in the past.  All that change can not happen, unless in our everyday lives we show youth by example, how we deal with views other than our own using with respect and kindness rather than judgment and animosity.  Start resolving disagreements at home and work without violence and instill empathy in our youth for the plight of others.  A strong people Stand Up for others and Stand Down on judgment.vimy.jpg

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